Mrs. Betty Daniels » Lesson Plans - Friday, September 4, 2020

Lesson Plans - Friday, September 4, 2020

In your workbook, turn to the Reading section.  Then turn to pages 16-18.  Read and follow the directions for all three pages. Read the directions for the picture sort on page 19.  Tear out pages 20 -24, cut on the dotted lines and do the picture sort according to the directions on page 19.  Tear out the 3 pages for "The Big Pig".  Cut on the dotted lines and assemble the pages in the correct order, then staple the pages together.   Read the story to someone at home two times.
Sight Words
In your workbook turn to the Sight Word section.  Complete the page "Choose the Correct Words".  Screen shot and send  the picture to me on school status.  Be sure that you know Units 1 & 2 sight words.  We will have a test on them on Wednesday, Sept. 9.  Virtual learners will come to the school to take all tests on Friday, Sept. 11 at 3:30 p.m.
Practice reading the words on your Phonic Worksheets # 1 - 19.  We will review Tuesday - Thursday and have a phonic test on Friday, Sept. 11.  Look over all of your lessons and review.  Practice the High Frequency words also.  
Turn in your workbook to Guided Class Practice 19 A.  Read the directions and complete the sheet.  Turn over and complete Homework 19 B.  Screen shot both sides and send to me on school status.  Look over the lessons we have worked  thus far.  We will have a Math test on Friday, September 11.  We will review in class next week Tuesday - Thursday.
Virtual learners will come in at 3:30  on Friday, September 11th to take all tests.   Those tests will be Phonics, Math, Sight Word Test (High Frequency Words - flash cards on Unit 1 & Unit 2) and a Reading Test for next week's work.
Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!