Mrs. Wanda Lee » Tuesday, September 8, 2020, Assignments

Tuesday, September 8, 2020, Assignments

In your Reading section of your workbook, do pages 3, 4, 7,11,12,13.  These are numbered at the bottom of the page.  Write your name neatly at the bottom.  These are review sheets on sounds we have had.  You will also find a video to review these sounds in the "video" section.  
On page 3, If the picture begins like :"Sun" write an "S".  The pictures are:  sun, sock, box, six, table, sink, soap, saw, ball, hand, suit, seal, seven, jet, sandwich.  At the bottom you will write lowercase "s" if it ends with the sound you hear in "bus".  The pictures are:  bus, goat, lips, nails, socks, kite, dress, cat, cookies, crab, toes, glass, chicks, grapes, toys  (Be careful! s sound in bus, not z sound)
Page 4 top beginning sound of t
pictures:  top, table, soap, six, two, tent, turkey , toe, sandwich, tire, boat, tack, tie, sink, toad
Bottom (ending)
Pictures are:  bat, cat, goat, heart, dress, feet, suit, hat, socks, crab, mat, eight, boat, web, jet
Page 7 H sound at the beginning:  Pictures are:  hat, hoe, hen, ten, ham, hand, hive, hose, toe, hill, bell, heel, box, house, horse  (Do not do the bottom.)
Page 12:  beginning at the top, ending at the bottom
Pictures are:(top)  goat, game, fan, garden, kite, gate, horse, ghost, gum, girl, fork, key, gift, game, goose
Pictures: (bottom, ending sound )  pig, wig, leaf, crab, log, dog, bag, tag, bug, plug, truck, rug, flag, toad, game
Page 13:  Top (beginning sound as in dog)  Bottom (ending as in bud)
Pictures:  (top)  dog, dome, bug, dive, boat, deer, duck, doll, tub, desk, gum, door, fire, dime, dishes
Pictures:  (bottom) bud, tab, bed, lid, track, toad, cuff, road, rod, hand, sled, tag, drum, bird, bread 
Reading:   You will find the paper reader:  Tap, Tap.  This reviews the short a sound.  Highlight the short a words.  Take a picture walk.  Read the story to someone.
Study previous units 1 and 2 Sight words.  You will be scheduled to come in and take a test on these 2 units this week.  
Math:  In the Math section, do  Bar Graph of Pets, Egg Laying bar Graph, and Bar Graph of Flowers.  (This is a review of graphs.)
Don't forget to view the videos as a review.  Have a great day!