Mrs. Wanda Lee » Monday, August 31st assignments

Monday, August 31st assignments

Math:  Turn to the August 31 math section of your workbook.  Find lesson 16A.  Write your name.  Listen to the video linked on the penny.(Linked in videos)    Then, follow the directions on the A and B side. Return to me.  
Phonics:  Listen to Jack Hartmann' s /f/ video. (Linked in videos)  Participate, please. Turn to the August 31st section in your  workbook labeled Saxon Phonics.
You will see consonant f. F makes the sound you hear in fish.  Practice writing uppercase and lowercase Ff on the line.  Be sure to space with your finger.  Be neat in everything you do. Move to number 17-21.  Sound out the words.  Look at the picture. (fist)  Which word goes with the picture.  Draw a line.  On the back side, practice making F and f.  Space and be neat.  Follow the parent letter at the bottom for the directions.  Return this page only.
Phonics:  Short i makes the sound you hear at the beginning of inch.  Listen to the video (linked in videos) on the sound of short i.  Turn to page 1 in the August 31st  Reading workbook section.  Be sure to always write your name.  Be sure to get someone to read the directions on the page to you as you follow along.  Sound out words 1-5.   The pictures are:  1.  fan, fish; 2.  lid, lamp; 3. hollow, hill; 4.pig, pan Send to me.
Turn the page.  This will be page 2. Sound out each word.  Write a word from the box to name each picture.
dig, pin, kiss, win, pick Send to me.
Turn in your Workbook to extra reader August 31 section.  
Find the story: Can It Fit?  Tear this story out.  Fold in half.  Read this story to someone.  Highlight the short i words on each page with a yellow crayon. Write the words you highlighted and send to me.
Sight words:  Turn to the sight word flashcards in the August 31 section of you workbook.
Cut each word apart.  Practice saying each word daily.  Say, spell, say again.  Place in Ziploc bag when you are finished. Watch the sight word video and participate.(Linked in videos)
                                          Have a great day!!!!!